7-Day Special Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai
Retreat - 7 Days in Chiang Mai

Yeepeng Lanna International Event at Tudongkhasanthan Lanna has been held annually since 1989.

This event is both a celebration and a way to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Lanna people of northern Thailand. During the celebration of Yeepeng, attendees will have the chance to practice meditation as a way to brighten their minds and allow them to experience inner peace that they can share with the rest of the world.

In addition, they will also release floating lanterns, a tradition that has been practiced for over 700 years. The floating of these lanterns serves as a way to pay homage to the Lord Buddha. It is also believed that it brings good luck and is way to let go of all things that we wish to be freed from. This year, in collaboration with “Yeepeng Lanna International Event,” the Middle Way Meditation will offer a 7-Day Special Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai during the month of November.

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Belle Villa Resort has been designated as the venue for the “The Middle Way 7-Day Special Meditation Retreat” to be held from 10-16 November 2011. At the resort, you will have an opportunity to experience a Middle Way Meditation course to the fullest.

The meditation course is designed to provide a balanced mind and body relaxation experience. As you breathe in the fresh air of the mountains and hear the birds sing in the morning, you will feel you are one with nature, at peace, refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges. With meditation lessons from experienced instructors, you will gain more mental energy, new insights and, more importantly, “Inner Peace”. Belle Villa Resort, a mountain resort tucked in between mountains, offers a unique formula to experience the beautiful northern region of Thailand.

An important concept of this resort is to be close to nature and to be able to enjoy life's simple pleasures. This goal is accomplished by virtue of the beautifully scenic location and the design of the accommodations, which strives to be in perfect harmony with their natural environment.


Registration Fee : 9,300 Thai Baht

Those interested in taking part in The Middle Way 7-Day Special Meditation Retreat, please apply here.

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