The Middle Way Meditation
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The Middle Way Meditation Institute is a non- profit organization that practice and teach a specialized meditation technique called
“The Middle Way Meditation”.

The Middle Way Meditation is a simple and effective technique which allows you to attain present moment of awareness and connect with your higher consciousness. Read more...


Muktawan Meditation Retreat info and Retreat Testimonial

Upcoming Retreat
Muktawan, Phang Nga/ Phuket - 7-day Retreat

 13  -   19 December, 2015 BG # 57
 24 February -   01 March, 2016 BG # 58
 28 August -   04 September, 2016 BG # 60
 27 November -   03 December, 2016 BG # 61
Cost: 13,000 Baht or USD 450

Pop House 3 Days Retreat in Pathumthani (near Bangkok)

 13  -   15 October, 2015 3-Day Retreat #10
 03  -   05 November, 2015 3-Day Retreat #11
 08  -   10 December, 2015 3-Day Retreat #12
 05  -   07 January, 2016 3-Day Retreat #13
 12  -   14 February, 2016 3-Day Retreat #14
 25  -   27 March, 2016 3-Day Retreat #15
 08  -   10 April, 2016 3-Day Retreat #16
 24  -   26 May, 2016 3-Day Retreat #17
 07  -   09 June, 2016 3-Day Retreat #18
 12  -   14 July, 2016 3-Day Retreat #19
 16  -   18 August, 2016 3-Day Retreat #20
 23  -   25 September, 2016 3-Day Retreat #21
 14  -   16 October, 2016 3-Day Retreat #22
 11  -   13 November, 2016 3-Day Retreat #23
 06  -   08 December, 2016 3-Day Retreat #24
Cost: 3,000 Baht or USD 100

I felt more subtle. What I realize was I just felt more relaxed, more at peace, and more subtle. I just felt gentle, I want to keep it. I felt inner peace and joy. And it started like some light was going up. This was my impressive experience. I want to do meditation everyday. In the fast society I live, it’s hard to do it. But I think I can manage the time to meditate every day. I would try to apply mindfulness everyday with work. I think for sure I will to come back again because here, it brings you back in the state.

--- Dominique Simoneua, Canada, Pilot

I would say the best experience for me is probably this morning. It is very beyond words. It is quite difficult to explain it. When you come out of the meditative mood, you somehow feel a lot of peace within yourself. In your mind you start to see a very bright state. You somehow feel you’re so energetic or exited about it. On the other hand, you feel very happy. Very blissful.

--- Joselyn Tan, Singapore, HR Manager

I have never been meditating before, so everyday in this retreat is a new day. One of the best experiences that I have is that I didn’t have any thoughts. I felt my body is very much relaxed. And somehow my body is starting to get very warm. I felt my face and my arms are like wearing a big jacket on. What I have learned is I am able to control my emotion, my feelings, and my anger. I continue to think about it like why I got angry or why it is like that. I stayed like one hour unhappy. I had yesterday situation that I had little bit anger. I went to my tent and started to meditate a couple of minutes. It just went away.

--- Mauro Di Vincenza, Switzerland, Chef

I’m very still when I sit for meditation. I have no thoughts. I have brightness inside. Sometimes I reach more still state of mind. I feel very happy. Actually I can keep this feeling all the time. If you meditate more, you will feel ease for every situation.

--- Mirella Kampus, Switzerland

This afternoon I felt very calm. I began with relaxing my body and spreading loving kindness as usual. My mind went down to the center of my body easily. I felt like some light was shining out of my body in every direction. My body was expanded. Then, I saw a crystal ball at the center of my body but it’s colorful like a rainbow. I was very happy.

--- Chua Choo Thing Jacky, Singapore, IT Manager