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The Middle Way Meditation Institute is a non- profit organization that practice and teach a specialized meditation technique called
“The Middle Way Meditation”.

The Middle Way Meditation is a simple and effective technique which allows you to attain present moment of awareness and connect with your higher consciousness. Read more...


Muktawan Meditation Retreat info and Retreat Testimonial

Upcoming Retreat
Pop House 5-Day Retreat Intermediate Course in Pathumthani (near Bangkok)

 24 July - 28 July, 2017 IM # 2
Cost: 8,500 Baht

Pop House 3-Day Retreat in Pathumthani (near Bangkok)

 06 - 08 December, 2016 3-Day Retreat #23
 08 - 10 March, 2017 3-Day Retreat #26
 05 - 07 April, 2017 3-Day Retreat #27
 03 - 05 May, 2017 3-Day Retreat #28
 07 - 09 June, 2017 3-Day Retreat #29
 05 - 07 July, 2017 3-Day Retreat #30
 09 - 11 August, 2017 3-Day Retreat #31
 06 - 08 September, 2017 3-Day Retreat #32
 04 - 06 October, 2017 3-Day Retreat #33
 01 - 03 November, 2017 3-Day Retreat #34
 06 - 08 December, 2017 3-Day Retreat #35
Cost: 4,000 Baht

Great program and great interaction. The positive thing is the possibility to communicate more while talking less. I have learned new techniques and I experienced new insights.

--- Dr. Issam Atala, Lebanon, 3-Day Retreat #21

The program met my expectation. My objectives were to learn the way to meditate and have some calm and relaxed time. So the retreat experience really did meet my objectives.

--- Crystal Ng, Hong Kong, 3-Day Retreat #21

The three day meditation retreat at Pop House gave me the opportunity to: learn and practice meditation; meet some kind and inspiring people; ask questions and learn from the Thai Buddhist teaching Monks; and also experience a feeling of genuine peace. I recommend trying it for yourself!

--- Briony Patten, United Kingdom, 3-Day Retreat #19

First time with the Middle Way retreat. I had good experience of meditation on the 3rd day, saw brightness in the center of my body and experienced body expanding, also felt heat in the body around the center. Mooktawan retreat is gorgeous, beautiful nature. Everyone should be here.

--- Karen Ho, Hong Kong, Participant BG#51

Third time at Muktawan retreat in 10 months. I love it here. It is a sanctuary with a million dollars view of stillness. Things I learned at the MDW have given me the opportunity to find the balance that I needed. Meditation helps me to find my center, calm, focus on important things in life and appreciate on all the beauty of things around us instead of being negative. My best meditation experience here is the sensation of euphoria, a rush of incredible feeling. Unbelievable!

--- Amanda Hogen, Australia, Participant BG#51

My first time here and I feel at ease all the time in the retreat. The teaching monks have put a lot of thoughts in the lessons, the facilities are good physical and mental environment for meditation, and there is a wide range of option/technique to choose for the most implacable to myself. I had a wonderful meditation experience of 3-5 second stillness, the brightness shown onto my eyelids and at the moment, the feeling of oneness and positive with the world and other people around me was overwhelmed.

--- William Greenburg, USA, Participant BG#54